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Sample Sales Outreach Plan

Throughout this two-week outreach plan, ensure that you are logging all interactions and responses for tracking and measuring outreach effectiveness. Also, be prepared to handle objections and provide more information as needed during phone calls and emails. This plan allows for consistent and varied outreach to engage with potential customers effectively.

Week 1

DayOutreach TypeOutreach Content
Day 1 (same day as match, Mon in this example)Email & SMSTime: 9 AM (Prospect’s time zone)
Email: Send out the initial outreach email introducing yourself with the goal of getting a response or encouraging the borrower to sign up. Leveraging and testing different times of day and templates/calls to action here is important. 

Time: 3 PM
SMS: Introduce yourself, should be a short and brief text with the goal of directing them to your email or to schedule time for a call. 
Day 2 (Tue)Email follow-upTime: 10:30 AM
Send a follow-up email to those who didn’t respond. Highlight the benefits of your mortgage solutions or make sure they saw what you previously shared and how you may be able to help. 
Day 3 (Wed)Review activityTime: Any time
Customize outreach to any prospects that have performed any product actions following any of your previous outreach.
Day 4 (Thu)Phone callTime: Afternoons and lunch breaks are typically good times, make sure they are during business hours and you’re not violating Do Not Call Rules
Begin making phone calls to those who opened the emails or remain open to being contacted. Follow the phone call script as outlined in the Outreach Plan.
Day 5 (Fri)Phone call follow-upTime: 4:30 PM
Email ahead of the weekend emphasizing the automated pre-approval tool and other self-serviced features you are able to provide through the Morty Platform

Week 2

DayOutreach TypeOutreach Content
Day 1 (Mon in this example)SMS reminderTime: 11 AM
Send a brief SMS to those who have received your initial email or engaged with you through the other outreach. Remind them of your value proposition and encourage them to connect.
Day 2 (Tue)Phone call follow-upTime: 2:30 PM
Call prospects who opened your follow-up email from last week but didn’t respond. Address any objections and offer to provide more information. 
Day 3 (Wed)Email follow-upTime: 10 AM
Outreach Type: Send a follow-up email to those you’ve spoken with on the phone, summarizing the key points of your conversation and offering next steps.
Day 4 (Thu)
Day 5 (Fri)Email follow-upTime: Afternoon
Send a final follow-up email to all prospects, summarizing the benefits of your mortgage products and the ease of using your technology platform. Encourage a response.

Ongoing outreach

Most borrowers do not transact or make a final decision in two weeks. It’s important to send regular follow ups every few weeks (at least once a month) and the goal is to share new features and programs that you think would be helpful based upon any information already received about the prospect. New Program and Product Features as well as general touch points asking if there are any updates or if they need any help work great here. These don’t need to take much time and the Platform Team will be helping provide ideas and inspiration on topics to leverage.

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