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Documented or Underwritten Pre-Approval

In certain cases, you may direct your borrower to apply on the Morty website for an underwritten pre-approval. Below are the steps to complete this.

1. Customer creates an account and fills out a Morty application.

A. Customer enters “TBD” in the address line and the city and zip code of the area they are looking to purchase.

B. If the Customer has already created an account with a property address, update the account to a TBD address by clicking the pencil icon next to the address on their dashboard.

C. Customer selects Loan Application from their dashboard and completes the full application (including running their credit).

E. Customer specifies in the text box that they are looking for a Documented or Underwritten Pre-Approval.

2. After submitting the application, Customer enters the Closing Tracker, where they upload their income and asset documentation.

3. After documentation is uploaded, Morty team will verify the income and assets stated in the application, provide feedback if necessary and submit to a lender to initiate underwriting.

4. Once underwriting is complete, Morty team will provide a pre-approval letter to the Platform LO to pass along to Customer.

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