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Client Outreach Scripting

Reaching out to new clients or real estate agents can be overwhelming, especially if you are a new Loan Officer. Below are some suggested scripts and strategies that can help improve your chances of success when prospecting for business. If you haven’t already, be sure to check out our First Impressions webinar for even more tips on how to structure an initial call with new clients.

Strong Intro (New LO) [60 seconds or less]


Hi, I’m [name], a mortgage broker with a company called Morty. We’ve created proprietary technology to allow you to shop with over 17 different lenders all at once, while being able to compare rates, apply, and track the process of your application all from one website so you don’t have to talk to 17 different loan officers to find the best deal. 

We work with some of the largest lenders in the country as well as some smaller ones with unique loan options to find you the absolute best loan for your unique needs.

A mortgage is often the largest and most complex purchase a person makes. I have a passion for helping people through this process and making it as easy and straightforward as possible. [Can insert personal anecdote on your own mortgage experiences if relevant]

I only work with a handful of clients at a time so that I can make sure they get my full and undivided attention.

I don’t keep traditional office hours, I’m available when you are and will give you my personal cell so you can always get in touch with me.

Initial Client Outreach 

  • Voicemail
  • Keep it under 60 seconds
  • Name phone number, why your calling first
  • Strong Intro, 1-2 sentences only
  • Phone number a second time

Common Objections

Tip: always end with a question or call to action to keep the conversation flowing naturally.

Didn’t sign up with Morty

No worries! We work with several online partners that provide mortgage information to interested consumers. As a broker with a strong reputation for providing competitive pricing and excellent client service, our online partners will let us know when they think they have a client we can help, that’s why I’m calling today. Are you interested in buying a new home, refinancing, or just exploring options?

Busy Right Now

Not a problem! I don’t keep traditional office hours, I’m available when you are and will give you my personal cell so you can always get in touch with me. I totally understand, let’s set up a time to talk when you have more time. Are morning/afternoons/or evenings usually best for you?

[Provide a couple time slots], what would work best for you?

Perfect, I will send you an email now with my contact information so you know how to get a hold of me. Is [repeat their email address] the best email for you? I’ll also send you a link to my homepage where you can start exploring rates and loan options at your leisure.

Send email to confirm the appointment, thank them for their time, and include a link to your home page.

Realtor Intro Scripting 

I’m a mortgage broker with a company called Morty and looking to grow my business. I’ve seen your name a lot and you have a great reputation in our market. I’d love to set up some time or buy you coffee and ask a couple questions.

What types of loan products are your clients interested in?

What are some of the biggest challenges you face in working with lenders?

Any best practices you’ve seen from other Loan Officers that you enjoy working with?

Buyer’s Agent- What are some things you’ve done to help your clients make a strong offer in a competitive market?

Selling Points for Realtors

  • Access to better technology
  • Can generate Pre-Approval letters within 60 seconds
  • Our closing tracker allows clients to see exactly what has and hasn’t been completed on their loan application in process, so you can spend less time relaying updates to your in process clients and spend more time finding new business [how come I can track my pizza every step of the way but have to wait 2 days to get an update on my mortgage application? With us, you don’t have to!]
  • We are partnered with a company called Zavvie who will work with us to confirm their eligibility at Pre-Approval, and then submit a cash offer on your client’s behalf when they find a home. We then work with them to close the financing on their loan independent of the home purchase so that your clients get more offers accepted and you close more business. (Learn more about Morty Cash Advantage.)
  • Because we work with 17 different lenders, we offer a full range of non-QM mortgage products for clients or investors with unique situations or income,
  • Morty Lender/Product Matrix

Best Practice: Always Be Asking For Referrals 

I work mainly off referrals. That’s why I only work with a limited number of clients so that I can provide exceptional client service and you are more likely to refer me to friends and family. Do you know of anybody else in the homebuying or refinancing process that I might be able to help?