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Licensing FAQs

Which licensing division should I apply through in my state?

If you are submitting your MU4 and notice multiple licensing divisions for your state, the correct license to apply for is the one compatible with Morty’s licensing:

  1. Indiana: Secretary of State (Indiana-SOS)
  2. South Carolina: Department of Consumer Affairs (DCA)
  3. Utah: Division of Real Estate (Utah-DRE)
  4. Texas: Department of Savings and Mortgage Lending (Texas-SML)
  5. California: Department of Financial Protection & Innovation (California-DFPI)
Are there ongoing education or renewal requirements for maintaining licenses?

Mortgage loan officers typically complete continuing education and renew licenses annually through the NMLS, with specific requirements varying by state.

Does Morty cover any of the costs associated with obtaining or transferring licenses?

Licensing costs include application fees, continuing education fees, exam fees, and renewal fees. Morty covers the ongoing cost to sponsor each loan officer, but does not cover individual licensing fees.

How can I track the status of my application and license?

Your NMLS account will have the most up to date information regarding your licensing status. Within your account you will be able to see if there are any outstanding items you are required to complete or provide more information for. We also recommend opting into NMLS notifications so you receive email updates as the status of your license changes.

The NMLS approved my license, now what?

If your license has been approved, company sponsorship accepted, and background check completed, a member of the Morty team will be contacting you shortly to set up your systems access.

How do I add another state license?

If your license has been approved and you’d like to add more, see the basic steps for this process here. Make sure to loop in Morty by emailing to let us know you are starting the process and which states.

I am required to complete continuing education before I can reactivate my license. Does Morty have a recommended company to use?

Morty recommends using the company OnCourse for continuing education.

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