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Morty’s Online Traffic

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Serving the Needs of Our Customers

The Morty Platform is available directly to consumers to help provide transparency and access to the home buying and mortgage process. Borrowers can go as far into the process of shopping, comparing and applying for a mortgage as they would like, entirely online. Many times however, the borrower or customer actually benefits from having more direct and hands-on interactions with our network of mortgage loan officers. 

We aim to match users at various stages of the home buying and mortgage experience to best serve the borrower needs as well as pair them with loan officers that complement what they are looking for. The more success a loan officer has in a certain market and with specific borrower needs, the more matches they will receive in those areas. Our goal is to reinvest alongside your success as you grow your business. 

Lead Sources

Where Do Morty’s Leads Come From?

Our borrowers come from a range of channels and places, all listed below. The majority of the borrowers you may receive as part of premium are going to fall into categories 1, 2 and 3. Organic and Return Customers typically convert at a higher rate, however we are discounting paid leads for you as part of this offering. 


Return Customers

Morty has connected with thousands of borrowers over the past 7 years since launching. This ranges from only email correspondence, all the way to closing a mortgage or multiple mortgages. We match return customers with our loan officer network when they reach back out via email, phone or text, log back in to their account or view certain pages of our website.


Organic Traffic

Prospective buyers and borrowers that find Morty from searching on the web, reading about us in articles and interviews we are quoted in, press releases, word of mouth, etc. sign up online and perform certain actions on our site that indicate they may be ready or interested in learning more about what we offer. 


Paid Leads

We have direct integrations and agreements in place with all of the large lead aggregators (i.e. Zillow, LendingTree, Realtor.com, Redfin, etc.) as well as a wide variety of smaller lead sources. Borrowers are connected with Morty via email or directly online at the point of them completing some action on our partner sites to indicate they are interested in learning more about mortgage options.


Partner Traffic

We have direct partnerships set up with various companies in the consumer finance, real estate, and home financing space. We provide access to our platform to these users and certain portions of traffic will be eligible for matching with our local loan officer network.