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Marketing FAQs

I need a letter on company letterhead for the state of CA. How can I get this?

Please send an email over to and we will get a copy of this letter for you.

How can I set up a scheduling page to meet with clients?

Morty recommends using Calendly to set up your automatic scheduling. You can set up your Calendly here.

Does Morty have guidelines for social media posts for loan officers?

Yes, we've created a whole online course dedicated to social media marketing. Please make sure you are logged into Platform 360 in order to access the free course.

You can find additional info on the pages here and here. If you are planning to post a video, please send the video to for review.

How do I order business cards?

Your customizable business cards and one-pager are available here in the digital marketplace. Make sure you are logged into Platform 360, then simply add the item to your cart, complete the (free) purchase steps, and then follow the download instructions.

How do I update my information (photo, phone number, etc.) on my landing page?

You can request changes to your landing page by filling out the form here. Please allow 24 business hours for updates to be in effect.