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Client Account Creation

Direct the client to your landing page. Once they are on your landing page, they should click “Get Started”. From there, they will be prompted to create an account using an email address and a password. Once that account is created, the client will then see several options to proceed from there: Pre-approval, Loan options, Application, and Closing Tracker (this section will be locked out until an application is submitted).

Refer to the video below or the onboarding training for an in-depth overview.

Custom landing page
Your personalized landing page helps clients get to know you while giving them a simple way to sign up and create an account.

Two-step account create
Sign up in under a minute. Clients who sign up on your landing page will be automatically assigned to you.

Seamless experience
Delightful user experience on desktop and mobile eliminates any friction for your clients during sign up.