Resources for your borrowers

Guides and resources that you can share with your customers. If you do not see the materials you are looking for, reach out to us at

Morty’s loan programs

The Morty Platform has extensive loan coverage, supporting over 95% of originations.

Downpayment assistance

Down Payment Assistance (DPA) programs are a great solution for potential home buyers who can make their monthly mortgage payments, but don’t have the savings for a down payment.  Morty is pleased to be able to offer multiple DPA programs through our platform in partnership with multiple lenders on our network.

Documented or Underwritten Pre-Approval

In certain cases, you may direct your borrower to apply on the Morty website for an underwritten pre-approval. Below are the steps to complete this.

Homebuyer Perks

Morty’s Homebuyer Perks allows you to share discounts and deals to help your clients get settled and make the most in their new home. We’ll continue to add more perks over time—and if you or your clients have specific requests, please let us know!

You can link your borrower to the full perks page. Or copy and paste an individual perk info (below) into an email to share directly. Have Qs? Reach out to the marketing team on Slack at #marketing-support.

ChimeMake your first credit card work hard for you, with Chime.
CuruPut your financial goals within reach, with Curu.
Policy GenusCompare home owner’s insurance with Policy Genius.
Bellhop10% Off
Move into your new home with ease, with Bellhop.
Havenly20% Off
Interior design services within reach, with Havenly.
Zinus15% Off with code FALL15
Upgrade your living room with Zinus.
Judy25% Off with code MORTY25
Be prepared for natural disasters with Judy. Use the code MORTY25 to get 25% off.
Haven$400 Off
Haven is the simplest way to get a home battery system. (CA residents only)