Foundation Tier

$129.00 / month

Quickly get to market and start building your mortgage business making up to 100bps per closed loan. Foundation gives you access to Morty’s technology, mortgage infrastructure and lenders and marketing services including email, landing page and personalizable assets. Get 15% off when you pay annually!

Key Features of Foundation Tier

Morty’s platform gives you the independence to run your business your way with the resources, infrastructure and technology you need to be successful in today’s mortgage industry. Earn up to 100bps while growing your business and establishing yourself in the mortgage market.

Full-stack technology suite

Day one access to Morty’s propriety client experience and point of sale system (POS), loan origination systems (LOS) for loan officer client management, pricing engine.

Full loan coverage with sales trainings

Serve your clients better with access to the full suite of loan products available. Learn how to pitch them and educate your clients with our sales trainings and courses.

Personalized go-to-market launch kit

Build your brand today with our personalized landing page and business collateral to share with clients. Leverage Platform Add-ons for leads, content and more.

How Do You Get Started Foundation Tier

  1. Sign Up: Sign up for Foundation Tier and pay your first month fee. No risk with our 7 day refund policy.

  2. Enrollment: Fill out our enrollment survey which includes questions about your NMLS status. This will help us setup your Morty accounts and prepare for the sponsorship process.

  3. Sponsorship: Complete sponsorship and licensing tasks to be able to originate loan through Morty.

  4. Onboarding: Start digging into all of Morty’s resources and tools! You can begin onboarding to the Morty system before your sponsorship comes through including our sales courses and marketing setup.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long does it take to get sponsored by Morty?
    Once you’re licensed, based on your state, it can take a day to a few weeks to get sponsored and activated on our Platform.

  • What happens if there is an issue with my sponsorship? Can I get a refund?
    Yes. If, for any reason, we can’t sponsor you, we will issue a full refund.

  • How many states can I get licensed in?
    Foundation tier covers two state licenses. You can add more state licenses through our Platform Add ons or by upgrading to Producer Tier.

  • What loan products does Morty offer?
    Morty can support 99.9% of all purchase transactions including: fixed and ARM conventional loans, FHA, Jumbo, VA, USDA, HELOC and most non-QM loans

  • What is my commission?
    If you’ve just gotten your license and you are brand new to the mortgage and real estate industry, you will start at 75bps. After you close 5 loans, your commission will go up to 100bps. If you are an experienced loan officer or if you have experience in real estate (e.g. a realtor or insurance agent), your commission will start at 100bps. If you’d like to start a higher commission, consider upgrading to Producer Tier.

  • Do you work with down payment assistance programs? 
    Yes! Morty offers a variety of DPA programs including through VA and USDA offerings.

  • I still have questions. Can I speak to someone?
    Yes, of course! We recommend you first read our Platform Guide. If you still have questions, email us at and we’ll schedule some time to speak.