Open House Flyers with Mortgage Options


Our open house flyer template offers loan officers a tangible and informative resource to leave a lasting impression during open houses, especially when partnering with a real estate agent. This package includes two customizable double sided templates that both showcases pictures of the property and transparent financing options.

Introducing our Open House Flyers with Mortgage Options – an innovative solution designed to empower loan officers at open houses and strengthen partnerships with real estate agents. This comprehensive package includes two double-sided flyer templates, offering a perfect blend of visual appeal and transparent financing information.

Key Features of our LO Open House Flyers

Visual Showcase: Capture attention with our visually striking templates that seamlessly blend property images with essential financing details. The open house flyer serves as a powerful marketing tool, allowing potential buyers to envision their dream home while also understanding available mortgage options.

Customizable Templates: Tailor your approach with two dynamic Canva templates, providing flexibility to match the unique characteristics of each property. Our user-friendly design platform ensures that you can effortlessly customize and personalize the flyers, adding your branding elements and contact information with ease.

Informative Content: Stand out as a knowledgeable and transparent professional by incorporating clear financing options on the flyer. From interest rates to loan terms, empower potential buyers with the information they need to make informed decisions, fostering trust and credibility.

Double-Sided Design: Maximize the impact of your marketing efforts with double-sided flyers. Showcase property highlights on one side and present mortgage options on the other, creating a comprehensive resource that engages and informs attendees during open house events.

Includes Two Dynamic Canva Templates

Classic Elegance: This template combines timeless design with a focus on property aesthetics and transparent mortgage information. Ideal for properties with traditional charm, it communicates a sense of reliability and trust.

Modern Fusion: For contemporary homes, this template blends vibrant visuals with modern typography, creating a fresh and dynamic look. It caters to a younger audience and aligns with the sleek appeal of modern real estate.

Empower your open house events with our Open House Flyers with Mortgage Options. Elevate your professionalism, build trust with potential buyers, and solidify your partnership with real estate agents. Invest in this powerful resource to make a lasting impression and drive success in the competitive real estate market.

This product comes included in the Networking Guide. If you’re interested in more loan officer marketing materials, we’d recommend purchasing the entire Guide.


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