Close CRM

$179.00 / month

Morty seamlessly integrates its LOS platform with Close CRM, offering automated outreach, customizable sales templates, and data-driven segmentation to streamline and enhance your sales communication effortlessly. To compensate for an initial two week integration period, use the coupon code Close50 to get 50% the first month.

Close is an industry leading CRM that Morty has been leveraging for years to manage and automate our sales communication. Close can help you sell more efficiently by unifying your outreach, engagement, and automation into a simple, flexible CRM.

Core Features Include:

Sales Templates
Leverage sales templates to streamline your outreach and keep your communication consistent and on brand. Create multiple templates to A/B test which messaging resonates best with your clients.

Data Drive Segmentation
Categorize and group clients based on specific criteria, allowing you to create content specific each group. Learn which type of client resonates with each message type and anticipate their needs before they ask!

Automated Outreach
Automate your client outreach by combining customizable sales templates and data driven customer segmentation. This will both increase your efficiently and enable you to easily nurtures relationships effectively, keeping your audience engaged throughout the customer journey.

Morty Integration
Morty’s LOS is already integrated with Close, making it easy for you to get started.