Blueprint: Mortgage Licensing & Activation Accelerator


Get a leg up with Blueprint, Morty’s Mortgage Licensing & Activation Accelerator. For $159 unlock the support and tools to upstart your career as a loan officer, including everything from licensing test prep to networking and mentorship. Whether you’re new to mortgage and real estate or you’re an experienced realtor who’s looking to get dual licensed as an MLO — Blueprint is the place to start!

Start your career, start earning and start growing gaining expertise with Blueprint.

Blueprint includes:

  • NMLS Test Prep
    Oncourse’s PrepXL is the best way to prepare for the SAFE exam and increases your chances of passing on your first attempt. Even if you don’t work with Morty, we’d recommend you enroll!
  • Mentor Match
    We match new loan officers with experienced LOs who can help offer guidance on everything from how best to prepare for the SAFE exam to how to network with local realtors.
  • UpLevel Guides
    Start building your business with our UpLevel Guides and marketing templates, designed to provide essential tools and strategies for professional success.
  • Loan Officer Referral Program
    You’re immediately eligible to participate in our LO referral program. With this program, you receive commission on loans closed by any LO that you refer to Morty.
  • Platform 360 Resources
    Platform 360 houses a trove of resources for Morty loan officers on mortgage programs and how to talk to your clients about them
  • Morty Platform Enrollment
    Once you pass your SAFE exam and complete the licensing prerequisites, we’ll automatically enroll you on the Morty Platform and waive the $25 Morty Platform application fee.