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Thank you for for working with Morty to build your mortgage business! Let’s get started. Please complete the below enrollment form and compliance requirements. Reach out to is you have any questions.

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Producer Tier covers five state licenses.

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If you are new to Morty,
complete these 4 compliance tasks.

1. Submit your MU4 license application in NMLS.

You may skip this step if you’re already licensed in your target state(s)!

Follow the instructions here (if you already registered with NMLS and passed the SAFE exam, you may skip to Page 29 of these instructions). Here are some additional tips on completing your MU4 filing: 

  • In the License/Registration section, add each of the states you wish to pursue a license.
  • In the Employment History section, be sure to include Morty.
    • Company Name: Morty, Inc.
    • Address: 1002 Dean Street #21 Brooklyn, NY 11238
  • In the Criminal Background Check section, you will need to authorize a new criminal background check and schedule fingerprints (follow the instructions here).

2. Grant Morty access to sponsor you in NMLS.

Follow the instructions here. Once we have access, we will initiate your sponsorship in the requested state(s). For reference, our licensed entity is Morty, Inc. (NMLS ID # 1429243).

3. Update your MU4 employment history in NMLS.

Follow the instructions here. Update the Employment History section of your MU4 filing to include Morty. For reference, Morty’s corporate address is: 1002 Dean Street #21, Brooklyn, NY 11238.

4. Authorize Morty to perform a background check

We partner with a company named Checkr to perform background checks on all MLOs affiliated with Morty. You will receive an email from to authorize a background check.

If you have any questions about licensing, please reach out to We encourage you to leverage the NMLS documentation and hotline support, but recommend that you seek our advice before reaching out directly to state regulators.