Build your network at Morty!

Morty is growing, and we want you to grow with us. Our referral program is not just one-and-done, we want you to gain as much from new MLOs joining Morty as we do, including the opportunity to mentor, advise and of course, make commission off their success.

How it works.

🤝 Share

Share your personal referral page with any and all prospective loan officers, real estate agents or other industry participants.

✍️ Sign-up

They sign-up for the Morty Platform and are successfully onboarded. You can share tips and advice to help them onboard and succeed here.

💰 Earn

You earn 5bps on each self-sourced loan they close for as long as you are both still on the Morty platform! It’s that simple.


Add thousands more to your take home earnings.

For example: If you refer 10 loan officers who do one $300k deal a month, that’s an extra $1,500 a month — $18,000 a year.


More opportunities to grow.

Build a team

Be a leader in the industry and take the first step to establishing your own team or setting up your own brokerages.

Be an expert

Mentor junior loan officers and teach them the ropes of the mortgage industry. Work directly with Morty’s sales training to help your LOs thrive.

More Opportunities

Make the Platform more productive for your LOs by working with Morty to get them everything from new products to additional marketing resources.