Platform Application

To apply for the Morty Platform, complete the questionnaire below and review the terms of joining the Morty Platform.

We only accepting applicants who have passed the SAFE exam. If you are in the process of getting licensed, we recommend enrolling in our Blueprint program to accelerate becoming a loan officer.

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Full Name
Do you have an NMLS Number?
Have you passed the NMLS SAFE exam?
When did you pass the NMLS SAFE exam?
When are you scheduled to take the NMLS SAFE exam?
Which best describes your experience in real estate?
Which best describes you as a loan officer
In which states do you plan to originate mortgages with Morty?
An initial commission structure of 100bps of the loan amount.
An initial commission structure of 75bps of the loan amount.
Morty expects loan officers to close at least one loan every 90 days. If they fail to, loan officers are charged a $300 re-activation fee to remain on the platform.
Joining the platform is contingent upon satisfactory results of a customary background check