High quality leads, delivered piping hot.

We’ve warmed up these leads for you! Convert hot leads for 50bps, and the better you convert, the more you get!

New lead from TX + 1

New lead from FL + 1

How it works

Morty delivers a you a high intent (aka HOT) lead looking to connect with a local loan officer immediately. You get the loan to the finish line and earn 50bps on the closed loan. It’s less upfront work, faster time to payout and grows your local network.

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High intent lead delivery

High intent leads are delivered to you by email or a phone warm transfer. Loan officers can then immediately reach out to these customers.

Convert and close the customer

Hot leads are already familiar with, or have opted into, Morty and have shown some sign of “loan readiness.” It’s your job to close the deal!

The more you close, the more you get.

The better your conversion is on Hot Leads, the more Hot Leads you will receive over time. So remember — every lead matters!