For general inquiries

Origination– General Eligibility Scenarios
– Morty Lenders
– Morty Loan Programs
Please review the Morty Lender Offerings summary and reach out to the lender AE if you have further questions (see the Contacts tab)#marketplace-support
OriginationManually generated pre-approval letters

(only applicable when client is not auto-approved in Morty’s online pre-approval flow)
1. Client completes Morty’s online pre-approval flow and is ineligible
2. LO runs pricing in Hemlock
-If eligible, LO sends screenshot of Hemlock inputs and loan options to and requests a pre-approval letter
-If ineligible, LO identifies an off-product program for which the client is eligible and emails, noting the specific lender program, to determine if a pre-approval letter is possible
Marketing– Marketing
Tech– System Access
– Product (RUDI, Elroy)
Administrative– Training + Onboarding
– Human Resources
– Licensing
– Compliance
– Finance
Feedback & Suggestions– Product Enhancement Ideas
– Loan Program Requests
– Any other feedback!

For loans in progress

Specific Underwriting Inquiries-Client information on application is inaccurate or expected to change
-Client is not able to provide a requested document 

*Not to be used to provide documents
Providing DocumentsSubmitting documents that your client sent to you directlyUpload to the client’s Closing Tracker

*If there is no relevant upload space, please email and it will be added. Do not email the documents
AppraisalsStatus updates on the appraisal
Title-Status updates on the title order
-Morty contact for title company
HOIMorty contact for HOI
Urgent Closing QuestionsIssues on day of closingCall the closing hotline at (573) 549-3234

*ONLY to be used after your client has received the Final Approval or CTC

Please note, responses from the Morty HQ team may take 24 hours during business hours.